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Business Strategy

We help our clients to determine their strategic priorities and offer support and practical solutions to achieve their objectives.

How can we support you?

  • Company and business unit strategy

    We advise SME management teams and entrepreneurs on how to develop their strategies at either business unit level or product/market level to drive performance, profit and value. Langley helps companies to make hard choices about what they want to excel at (ambition), where they want to play (participation strategy), how they intend to win (competitive strategy) and what priorities to focus on (management agenda).

  • International growth strategy

    We will work with you to drive international growth in both mature and developing markets. Our support will help you to navigate the complexity surrounding which countries/clusters to target which combination of business models to adopt, and what implementation plan to put in place to unlock international opportunities.

  • Strategic planning

    We will help you to define your business ambition; generate and evaluate key initiatives; identify options to fill any gap versus your ambition; and deliver your plan. This will provide your stakeholders with the confidence that targets will be met and will focus your management on what you should and should not be doing.

“Langley works collaboratively with its clients to
unlock growth opportunities”
  • M&A/Collaboration/Licensing strategies

    We will work with you to identify, screen and evaluate, M&A targets, possible collaborations and potential licensing opportunities to increase your market share, improve margins and/or acquire core assets and capabilities.

  • Growth

    We will help you to identify, prioritise and capture sustainable growth opportunities both in your core business and from new sources. Langley works collaboratively with its clients to unlock growth opportunities in a creative but disciplined way.

What makes us different?

  • Our practice is recognised as providing rigorous analysis of businesses and insightful, practical solutions.

  • Our clients choose to work with us to solve their most difficult problems and unlock their biggest opportunities.

  • We bring an unrivalled mix of capabilities and experience to develop insightful and practical solutions that can be implemented.

  • We engage outstanding individuals to who work with clients to get things done.

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